Transfers from Nantes Airport to the Gulf of Morbihan

Book your fixed price trip from Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE) to the Gulf of Morbihan in the south of Brittany, France

Book Transfer from Nantes Airport to Shipyard in St Nazaire

Book your Transfer from Nantes Airport (NTE) to Chantiers de l’Atlantique – Shipyard in Saint-Nazaire.

Fixed price Airport Transfers from Nantes Atlantique Airport

Book in advance your Fixed Price Airport Transfers from Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE)

NAC – Nantes Airport Cab offers you quality transfers at the best prices around the Nantes region. You can book safe rides from the airport to your destination on our website at fixed and affordable prices.

– 24/7 Available at your service
– Pick-up directly from your airport terminal, hotel lobby or home in Nantes area.
– We provide top-class service at affordable prices
– Our prices are fixed in advance for your peace of mind
– Luggage, airport parking, tolls and waiting time all included in price
– No Surge in prices even during peak time

Fixed price Airport Transfers from Nantes Atlantique Airport

Your private driver will meet you in the arrivals area. Your driver will be wearing protective equipment throughout your journey and vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected between rides. Add your flight number to the booking so we can keep track of your flight and check for delays. All prices include taxes, tolls and up to 45 minutes’ waiting time.

We’ve also reduced passangers capacity in our vehicles according to the safety guidelines of specific destinations.

Business Class Airport Transfers by NAC – Nantes Airport Cab

We are the Business Class Airport Transfers professionals. We operate throughout all cities in Loire-Atlantique (44). It has never been more convenient – or more affordable – to book your first-class transfers, or your transport to your hotel, conference or exclusive event.

Now you’re travelling business class

At Nantes Airport Cab we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in customer service. Our friendly chauffeurs are fully accredited and licensed, hold a VTC card and have the necessary equipment. Our clients are seeking a transport supplier who is on their level and understands their requirements. We offer end to end logistical transfer solutions; catering to customer request for a quick response, friendly and reliable service.

Business Class Airport Transfers

Business Class Airport Transfers is a regional transfer supply

We provide transfers from Nantes Airport to the International Fair of Nantes – Exhibition Center, International Music Festivals, to the Chantiers de l’Atlantique – Shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, to the industrial and commercial activity zones of Loire-Atlantique, and the cities around: Angers, Cholet, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vannes, Lorient … We are present on all important events in our Region.

And of course we provide transfers from Nantes Airport to the best hotels in Loire-Atlantique : Westotel Nantes Atlantique, Radisson BLU Hotel Nantes, Okko Hotels Nantes Château, Oceania l’Hôtel de France Nantes, SOZO Hotel Nantes, Hôtel Barrière L’Hermitage La Baule, Hôtel & Spa de La Bretesche, Hôtel Barrière Le Royal La Baule, Maisons du Monde Hotel & Suites…


Business Class Airport Transfers means you friendly chauffeur will:

– Be there to meet and greet you
– Hold up a sign board with your name at airport
– Assist with your luggage
– Be polite and provide informed conversation if required
– Have cold water for your journey
– Be clean and well-presented and dressed
– Ensure the car is spotless inside and out within reason
– Get you to your flight or destination on time, every time

Business Class Transfers

Why it is not possible to book a cab in advance with UBER?

Booking in advance with UBER

Why it is not possible to book a cab in advance with UBER?

First of all, let’s explain what UBER is and how it works. UBER is a mobile application which puts passengers in contact with transport professionals: VTC drivers (Private Passenger Cars with Drivers). They work for the most part for small companies which are allowed to drive passengers to their destinations for a fee.

UBER is not a transport company but a digital platform which develops and manages mobile applications. Therefore, VTC drivers only (and their small businesses) are in charge of your transfer. In most cases, these companies are registered at the Chamber of Trade (and so are most of the cab companies) and use UBER to find customers. VTC drivers also use other applications available on the market. To make it simple, whether you book a cab via UBER or pre-book a VTC via other applications (AirportCab, AlloCab, or others), your driver will probably be the same!

Why is UBER so popular throughout the world?

1. First reason: the price.

UBER’s fares are incredibly low – except in times of high demand (we will develop it later in this article). More or less, UBER provides the same transport service as cabs, but for a much lower price. Now, you’ll probably tell us: “What’s the catch? How come UBER is cheaper than a cab?” Probably because this American company doesn’t pay any taxes in France, or because French cab companies must buy licence (called ADS in French) whose price is very high… etc.

Thus, UBER is an American firm which only pays the commissions (25%) it owes to its VTC partners. The rest (75% of the fare takings) goes to the VTC small businesses which pay taxes since they are registered in France.
So, let’s take a closer look at those fares.

UBER’s prices are indeed very affordable. But, how can a transport company prosper and offer such low fares in a market where the competition between CABS and VTC is stiff?

First, let’s try to understand how UBER succeeds in keeping its prices so low. To make it simple, the application doesn’t charge its passengers for the “approach cost”, which means they only pay for the time they spend in the vehicle. In principle, UBER guarantees its drivers that the application will always find another customer close to the place they dropped their last passenger off. The distance the driver travels with an “empty” vehicle is therefore supposed to be very short.

As far as cabs are concerned, this is the opposite. Customers must also pay for the return of the cab without any passenger aboard to its starting point (the cab station in most cases). However, things have changed! Today, cabs have developed their own mobile apps. Thus, this is up to the driver who is the closest to pick up the customer. The cab station isn’t always the driver’s departure point, yet, passengers must still pay for the return of the “empty” vehicle… the icing on the cake!

The charges cab companies must pay are the real problem, and first of all, the ADS (licence). Even though new ADS are now free, cab companies must still pay for those issued before 2014. We are not going to develop this topic in this article, but the French Government, which sets the fares, will have to tackle the problem soon.

UBER’s VTC partners also receive their bonus: augmentations. Indeed, the price of a fare is more expensive when the demand is higher. UBER’s American vision of liberal economy implements the law of supply and demand to the letter. If the demand is largely higher than the number of available vehicles, the prices increase proportionally to this demand. For example, a customer can pay up to twice the usual fare to go home, if a major event is taking place in his/her neighbourhood.

2. Second reason: UBER is easy to use

UBER created the perfect mobile application, without spending millions of dollars in advertising to get known. Confrontations with cab drivers throughout the world, relayed on the television, the radio, the social media and in the newspapers, were enough to popularise UBER on a global scale. Millions of people have already downloaded this app and use it daily or punctually.
Booking a vehicle with UBER is easy for anyone who knows how to use a smartphone!

3. Third reason: the service quality

UBER keeps a close eye on the quality of the services offered on its application and remains very strict with its VTC partners. For UBER, the customer is always right!

UBER’s strategy on the transport market seems to be infallible. However, it is still impossible to book a cab in advance with this app. Why?

First, it is important not to get reservation and planification mixed up. Indeed, UBER already offers a planification service. Indeed, the app saves each order and, ten minutes before the scheduled time of the ride, it suggests it to one of its VTC partners who is near the pick-up area. However, if there is no driver around, the customer won’t go anywhere! Consequently, this system resembles a simple real-time reservation.

The pre-booking of a VTC is a different service and it is not a part of UBER’s services for a simple reason: the price. The reservation of a VTC is a safe and quality service, especially for important business trips or airport transfers. When you book a cab, you are sure to get a comfortable car and a dedicated driver. But, of course, such a service has a price. For example, your driver will take more time to provide you with the best conditions of travel. Just like cabs, the fare for the pre-reservation of a VTC includes the waiting time and the return of the “empty” vehicle to its departure point. The only difference is that you know the price of the fare in advance, and you can pay directly via the booking website or application.

Let’s not forget that pre-booked transfers are the main service VTC drivers provide.

Transport options From and To Nantes Atlantique Airport


Taxi, Tram, Bus and Shuttle Service…  which means of transport does Nantes Airport serve? Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE) is situated in the south of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique region – 44), more precisely in the little city of Bouguenais, approximately fifteen minutes from the city centre. Nantes Airport serves the biggest French cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Montpellier, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse, and offers more than 60 international destinations, from Canada to the Czech Republic. Regarding the number of passengers, Nantes Atlantique Airport is the 9th provincial airport in France. Many travellers wonder how they can leave and go to Nantes Airport. Here is the list of the means of transport serving the airport:


In the capital city of the Loire-Atlantique region, trams or streetcars are very comfortable and faster than buses. They can also run freely in town, even when the traffic is heavy, offering its passengers a view of one of the most beautiful cities of France. Unfortunately, trams don’t directly serve the airport from Nantes. Nevertheless, line 3 leads you to Neustrie, where you can take the airport shuttle, with only one ticket, in either direction! On a sunny day, if you have some free time and if you don’t have too many bags to carry, this can be a good idea! However, if the weather is rainy, early in the morning or late in the evening, or if you have many suitcases to carry, or if you are in hurry and/or tensed, other options are possible.


The shuttle links Nantes Atlantique Airport to other key locations in Nantes. Exiting HALL 2, you can therefore choose to go to the Southern Train Station, the Palais des Congrès, or the city centre. The shuttle is €9/person, and the ride approximately lasts 25 minutes. Depending on the time of the year, you can catch a shuttle every 20/30 minutes. More than twenty thousand people take the Nantes Atlantique Airport shuttle every month. This is ideal for passengers who travel alone and who carry a few bags. Watch out: the shuttle is sometimes crammed-full!


This is the fastest, the safest and the most comfortable mean of transport. No other traveller, no trouble related to public transportation, just a quiet car and a peaceful ride, for you and your luggage. However, remember that Taxi are the most expensive mean of transport, especially between 7 pm and 7 am during the week, on Sundays and public holidays. During those periods, the price of a taxi fare is double compared with daytime rides. Taxis link the airport to the whole urban area of Nantes and Saint Nazaire. The taxi stand is situated right in front of the air terminal, facing HALL 1, and available right away.

You can also book your VTC (Cab service) in advance. The reservation of a VTC from/to Nantes Airport enables you to benefit from a certain comfort, and to avoid queues for instance. In order to make the passengers transport easier, reserved VTC have their own specific space in front HALL 1 facing of the car rental company building. The meeting place is under the sign reading: “taxis commandés” – Reserved Taxis.

Nantes Airport Taxi Transfer


The profession of VTC – Transport Car with Driver was created several decades ago for rich and demanding passengers (luxury hotel service). Today, VTC services are more and more similar to Taxi services. With the evolution of technology and more particularly the appearance of applications putting passengers in touch with drivers, the profession of VTC driver has become more accessible. And nowadays, this is common to hear a passenger say: “I am in the taxi”, although he or she is in a VTC.

Compared with a taxi, the strength of a car-and-driver service is the personal attention which is given to each passenger. Indeed, thanks to an intense training, VTC drivers are very kind towards their passengers during the ride and they often offer bottles of water, sweets, tissues, and most of all, they show unfailing politeness. A VTC driver must be well-dressed to meet the personal service sector’s standards. Nowadays, this mean of transport at is very trendy and passengers are really calling for it because this is perfect for those who look for a human and quality service.

Airport Taxi Nantes NTE


VTC passengers pay a flat fee, contrary to TAXI users. Whether there are 1 or 4 passengers, 1 or 4 suitcases, or if you don’t have any cash with you to pay, the VTC driver will adapt and propose you a solution at the most reasonable price.
For example, in Nantes, a “city centre < > airport” flat fee is €25 – €35 on average, whereas the price for a Taxi fare is between €35 and €50.

VTC must be booked in advance. The price is set before the ride, this way, passengers don’t have any nasty surprises, as it sometimes happens with taxis. Another difference between a VTC and the latter is that VTC cars are more discreet, for they have no neon light on their roof.


A personalised welcome
– A personalised welcome at the airport, with a sign with your name on it
– Your driver takes care of your luggage
– A text message including your driver’s name and the vehicle’s type is sent to you when your driver arrives.

Recent vehicles
– You travel in a clean, discreet and comfortable class car
– No neon light, no taximeter and no stickers on the cars
– Dark-coloured high-class sedans, with premium service.

Flat fees
– 24/7 flat fee
– No “approach cost”
– No luggage or passenger extra cost
– You know the price you’ll have to pay for your transfer in advance, whatever the fare.

Clear and transparent invoicing
– Secured payment by credit card, via our website or from the car
– Reservation confirmation and invoice sent by email.

NAC – Nantes Airport Cab – VTC service offers the quality and flexibility its passengers look for at affordable prices.

NAC – Nantes Airport Cab is specialised in airport transfers. NAC offers daily transfers to the most touristic destinations in western France. NAC can also drive you to the most beautiful spots of the Loire-Atlantique region: amusement parks, regional natural parks, wonderful castles and historical properties, the greatest campsites by the Atlantic Ocean, 5-star hotels… and many other locations to discover.

NAC – Nantes Airport Cab also offers a “Business Class” service. Indeed, tens of passengers choose us every day for their business trips in the Nantes region. We therefore pick them up as soon as they leave or arrive at the airport, but we also drive them for their trips in the surrounding area. For these passengers, punctuality and quality service are essential! They can trust us to provide them all the peacefulness they need for their rides.

NAC – Nantes Airport Cab can also take care of the passengers leaving or coming to the closest airports: Rennes Bretagne Airport; Vannes – Golfe du Morbihan Airport, Tours Val de Loire Airport, Angers Loire Airport, Poitiers Biard Airport, La Rochelle – Île de Ré Airport.

Remember to book in advance. This way, all you’ll need to do when you get off the plane will be to get in your private vehicle, booked for you only beforehand!