ZooParc of Beauval – The most beautiful zoo in France


The ZooParc of Beauval is a wildlife park situated in the Centre-West of France, in the village of Saint-Aignan, one hour from Tours and one hour and a half from Orléans by car. This is the most visited Zoo in France. With its six hundred species, the ZooParc of Beauval offers the greatest animal variety in the country. Its visitors – more than a million each year on average – can admire more than ten thousand animals on forty hectares: giraffes, rhinoceroses, gnus, antelopes, elephants, great apes, sloths, manatees, but also alligators, orangutans, red pandas, cheetahs or suricates.

Aware of the environmental issues of our time, the ZooParc of Beauval campaigns for the preservation of endangered species through several European programs, and supports both ex situ conservation (protection of animals outside their natural habitat) and in situ conservation (protection of animals inside their natural habitat). Therefore, through its association called “Beauval Nature”, the ZooParc actively participates in wildlife and biodiversity preservation, supports more than forty conservation and research programs in the world, and has already reintroduced several animals in their natural habitat in Africa.

Besides, there are plenty of shows to see at the ZooParc of Beauval, and its visitors can also take part in interesting activities to get closer to the animals. For example, both adults and children can visit the “backstage” area, work with a healer or have fun filling in game books!

Finally, the whole family can stay at the ZooParc of Beauval at one of its 4 resorts, and enjoy its twelve restaurants (fast-food or self-service restaurants offering sandwiches or hot dishes).

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